Profil Kepercayaan Diri Remaja serta Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruh

Oleh Anugrah Rhamadan dan Nur Rifai Akhsan


The purpose of this study is to describe the confidence of SMPN 1 SANDEN and know the factors that contribute to adolescent self-confidence. This research uses a quantitative approach in the form of correlation. The populations in this study are students of SMP N 1 SANDEN Class VII and VIII, amounting to 256 students. The sample of the study amounted to 156 people determined using the technique of Proportional Random Sampling. The instrument is adapted from a self-confidence instrument with a value of are liability coefficient of 0.884. Data analysis used descriptive analysis of norm criteria and hypothesis test using double regression with SPSS program. The result of research is most of the confidence of adolescents are in medium category, and optimistic aspect is an aspect which most contribute to teen confidence.

Key Words: Confidence; Self-confidence; and Influencing factors